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Chrome Extension

If you want a really good get started with to calculate the distances and the routes, And you are not using the best browser at the moment. Why not try out our Chrome Extension!

Google Chrome

That is Google's great products, we know for a long time. The most commonly used browser is Chrome. And for that, the browser is a library of useful Extensions. That's a kind of web browser plug-ins, your life will be a lot easier to be able to make it. Especially if you're doing the same things a lot, one behind the other or used. For this reason, we have next to our site, which is also an extension being developed. All with the goal of improving opportunities for faster, distances, and routes to calculate the flight duration. ☺

Chrome extension

Picture: Google Chrome Webstore

Download and install!

Through this link, go to the Chrome web store, you get instant access to the Extension download. And then install it in your Chrome browser. To install the Extension, it is not difficult, but it is, of course, you have to take your permission. Uninstalling is done through the use of method in the Chrome settings. It allows you to quickly and easily remove an extension.

Chrome Webstore

Picture: the Chrome Webstore